The use and maintenance of industrial fan wire rope

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Author : JU LAI
Update time : 2023-06-21 08:26:01

The steel wire rope plays a dual role in maintaining balance and preventing falls in energy-saving industrial fans and is an indispensable protective device. As an industrial fan manufacturer, in addition to ensuring the quality of the steel wire rope purchased, it is also necessary to use steel wire ropes that meet the specifications and quality standards and to use and maintain them correctly to ensure their toughness and service life.

  1. Firstly, the steel wire rope should be opened correctly during procurement. When opening the steel wire rope, it is necessary to avoid wire entanglement which can reduce its strength and cause damage. When cutting the steel wire rope, it should be tied tightly to prevent it from loosening.

  2. The steel wire rope must not be overloaded and cannot work under impact load. The speed during operation should be stable.

  3. It is strictly forbidden for the steel wire rope to come into contact with electric wires to avoid damage or electric shock. When close to high-temperature objects, heat insulation measures should be taken.

  4. The steel wire rope should be avoided from entanglement during use. Once entangled, it should be straightened immediately. During use, the number of bends should be minimized, and reverse bending should be avoided as much as possible.

  5. The performance degradation caused by wear, corrosion, or other physical and chemical conditions should be prevented. Steel wire ropes used for lifting molten and hot metal should have measures to prevent high-temperature damage.

  6. A suitable diameter steel wire rope should be selected according to the usage situation before use. During the use process, its load capacity and damage status should be checked frequently.

  7. The core of the steel wire rope used in energy-saving industrial fans is generally an oil-immersed fiber core. The core supports and fixes the position of the rope strands to reduce the contact between the steel wires and slow down the impact load. If the steel wire rope lacks lubricating oil, the frictional force will increase, resulting in high temperature, which can make the steel wire brittle and break. Serious incidents such as broken strands or broken wires may occur. Therefore, maintaining good lubrication of the steel wire rope can extend its service life from a structural point of view, and greatly reduce the impact of external environmental factors on the service life of the steel wire rope, such as corrosion or rust of the steel wire caused by the environment, and wear on the structural components. Therefore, correct oiling of the steel wire rope is an important part of daily maintenance.

The performance and service life of the steel wire rope used in energy-saving industrial fans are closely related to the maintenance methods used. On one hand, it depends on the correct use and installation by the manufacturer, and on the other hand, it also requires customers to regularly maintain the steel wire rope.

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