Large fans in the indoor basketball hall improve ventilation and cooling

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Author : JU LAI
Update time : 2023-06-27 09:21:04

With the promotion of nationwide fitness, various communities have built indoor basketball courts of different sizes. However, the large span, high height, and relatively sealed building structure of basketball courts pose great challenges to ventilation and cooling. In recent years, many venue constructors have found that large fans (big ceiling fans) can perfectly solve the ventilation and cooling problems, which are tricky for indoor basketball courts.

There are many people playing basketball on indoor basketball courts, especially in sports arenas where multiple sports such as badminton and table tennis are also played. With numerous people gathering together, poor ventilation can easily cause air pollution. A person at rest exhales more than 20 liters of carbon dioxide per hour, and if more than ten people exercise simultaneously, it will exceed 200 liters per hour. In addition to the byproducts of sweat decomposition and the discharge of harmful gases from the digestive system, this leads to severe indoor air pollution. People in such an environment may experience dizziness, fatigue, nausea, and loss of appetite, resulting in poor exercise performance.

Indoor basketball courts also need to maintain the indoor temperature to provide a comfortable environment for athletes. Especially in hot summers, central air conditioning is a common measure. However, air conditioning not only consumes a lot of energy but also cannot significantly reduce the temperature. When the air conditioning is running, cold air is distributed from the air outlet, but it is limited to an area of only a dozen square meters around the outlet. It is difficult for the air conditioning to fill the entire venue in such a spacious sports arena. This leads to continuous operation of the air conditioning, and the cooling effect is poor in areas far away from the air outlet.

A large fan consists of 4-6 blades with a diameter of up to 7.3 meters. Using the HVLS (High Volume Low Speed) principle, the fan blows air downward, and when it encounters obstacles such as walls, the airflow rises and is pushed toward the roof and the surroundings of the building, forming an airflow circulation with the doors and windows. The natural wind-like airflow reaches the surface of the human body, promoting the evaporation of sweat and creating a perceived temperature drop of 3-8 degrees Celsius. When a large fan is used in a venue with air conditioning, the circulating airflow can distribute the cold air throughout the indoor space, greatly improving the cooling effect of the air conditioning, reducing the operating time of the air conditioning, and reducing energy consumption by 30%-50%.

One large fan can cover two basketball courts, and the effective combination of multiple fans will achieve the best results. Large fans not only solve the ventilation and cooling problems of basketball courts but also significantly reduce the energy consumption of air conditioning, thereby reducing costs for venue operators. They are an excellent choice for indoor basketball courts.

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