Discussion on the installation position of industrial large fans

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Industrial fans are specifically designed to address issues such as ventilation, cooling, dehumidification, toxin removal, and elimination of stratification in large spaces. The benefits of industrial fans are undeniable, and they have gained increasing recognition among many customers due to their safety measures. Besides the safety measures in the fan's structure, choosing the correct installation location is also crucial.

Why is the installation location of industrial fans important? The installation location of industrial fans directly affects their effectiveness and safety. Industrial fans are commonly used in public places with a large number of people, such as shopping malls, large factory workshops, and train stations. Choosing an appropriate installation location ensures the safety of personnel and prevents accidents such as the sudden falling of the fan during use. Additionally, proper positioning of the fan contributes to better overall effects of ventilation, odor elimination, cooling, and dehumidification in the space.

How should the installation location of industrial fans be determined? The first step is to determine the distance between the fan blades' horizontal plane and the ceiling, which is called the air storage area. Industrial fans can generate a tremendous airflow of approximately 14,000m3/min. Through calculations, the ideal height for the air storage area is about 3 meters. If this height cannot be achieved due to vehicle traffic or height restrictions of the roof, the insufficient volume of the air storage area will significantly reduce the airflow per minute. In such cases, it is advisable to increase the density of the fans appropriately.

The second step is to determine the height between the fan blades' horizontal plane and the ground, which determines the coverage range of the airflow. When the fan blades are 6-8 meters above the ground, the wind pressure is stronger, but the coverage area is smaller. When the fan blades are 9-13 meters above the ground, the wind pressure is slightly lower, but the coverage area increases by 20-30%. When the fan blades are higher than 14 meters, the effectiveness gradually weakens. It is recommended to avoid positioning the fan blades at a height above 14 meters.

The third step is to consider the ground structure and composition. After determining the position using the two previous methods, attention should also be given to the conditions of the ground. If there are high objects, equipment, partitions, or complex structures indoors, they will greatly affect the effectiveness of the airflow. During installation, it is necessary to avoid these obstacles and install the industrial fans accordingly.

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