Analysis of the reasons for the "large air volume and wide coverage" of industrial large fans

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Author : JU LAI
Update time : 2023-06-25 09:08:28

Many customers are curious about why industrial large fans have low rotational speed and low power consumption, yet generate high airflow and cover a large area. The key technology behind the fan lies in its blades. While the size, material, and heat treatment of the blades is important for the fan's performance and long-term safety, industrial fans require good aerodynamic effects in their blade design to achieve strong ventilation and cooling effects.

To maximize the utilization of electrical energy and generate larger airflow to cover a wider area, industrial fans adopt a special blade design, such as variable cross-sectional streamlined blades or airfoil-shaped blades. This design is often seen in airplanes and racing cars, not merely for aesthetic purposes, but because airflow tends to form vortexes at the trailing edge of streamlined blades during motion. By incorporating small wings, this energy loss can be eliminated, stabilizing the fan operation and bringing benefits. Maximizing the contour curve of the external shape can promote air movement.

The large airflow and wide coverage area of industrial fans depend on these unique blade designs. By using a reasonable streamlined design and scientific blade angles, the blades gradually narrow along the radial direction, allowing the low linear velocity region of the blade to deliver air through a large surface area. This improves the efficiency and uniformity of air delivery, reduces the occurrence of dead spots, minimizes losses caused by air resistance and flow slippage, and efficiently converts electrical energy into airflow. As a result, larger airflow can be generated.

Furthermore, the airflow structure of industrial fans differs from that of ordinary small fans. While small fans can only cover the range of their diameter, industrial fans can first push the airflow towards the ground, creating a high-altitude air layer of 1-3 meters above the ground. This allows them to cover a much larger area, not limited to the space directly below the fan. In open spaces, a single fan can even cover an area of over 1500 square meters.

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