The company is located in the southwest of Chongqing and is the most extensive ventilation production base in the southwest region. It is the foundry of many world fan brands and supports various customized services. Main products: industrial ceiling fans, mobile fans, wall-mounted fans, new column fans, and water-cooled air conditioners.
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What is a furnace?

  1. Combustion: Depending on the fuel type, the furnace ignites a controlled flame in the burner. In gas furnaces, natural gas or propane is mixed with air and ignited. In oil furnaces, oil is atomized and ignited.

  2. Heat Exchanger: The burner produces a flame that heats up the heat exchanger—a metal component within the furnace. The heat exchanger absorbs the heat energy generated by the flame.

  3. Air Circulation: A blower, driven by an electric motor, draws in air from the surrounding space and forces it over the heated heat exchanger. As the air passes through the heat exchanger, it gets warmed up.

  4. Distribution: The heated air is then pushed through the ductwork or ventilation system using the blower. It is distributed to different rooms or areas of the building through registers or vents.

  5. Combustion Byproducts: The combustion process produces byproducts, such as combustion gases and carbon monoxide. These byproducts are safely vented outside the building through a flue or exhaust pipe.

  6. Thermostat Control: The furnace operates based on the temperature settings programmed on a thermostat. Once the desired temperature is reached, the thermostat signals the furnace to cycle off. When the temperature drops, the thermostat activates the furnace to start heating again.

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